Horse Depression: An Enemy of Equine Health

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Horse Depression: An Enemy of Equine Health 1
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In the equestrian world, the health and welfare of horses are of vital importance. However, sometimes medical conditions arise that affect these majestic animals, such as horse depression. In this article, we will explore in depth this disease, its causes, symptoms and treatment. We will also answer frequently asked questions to provide the most complete information possible on this topic.

What is Horse Depression?

Horse depression is a medical condition that affects horses and can have a significant impact on their welfare and performance. Although the term “depression” is commonly used to describe the condition, it is important to note that the disorder does not manifest in the same way as in humans. Horse depression is characterized by a general decrease in mood, energy, and interest in the environment.

Causes of Horse Depression

There are different factors that can contribute to the development of horse depression:
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