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The mission of “Green Health” Foundation is to promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle and support people who desire to live a balanced lifestyle to achieve optimal health and wellness through natural and holistic approaches. We are a non-profit organisation that works to bridge the gap between science and nature, focusing on the essential role of natural products in maintaining wellness. Committed to providing research-backed, evidence-based education on the therapeutic powers of herbal plants, nutrition, and lifestyle practices in order to support the health and well-being of our community. By raising awareness about these practices, we hope to create a health and wellness culture accessible to all.

The Foundation is dedicated to creating an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment that encourages collaboration and values the unique contributions of all. We strive to create an environment where everyone is welcome and can contribute to the success of our mission together.

If you prioritize health and wellness as fundamental values, we are confident that we share a common perspective. Our central objective is cultivating a society that embraces enhanced well-being and a culture of good health. Our endeavours are dedicated to fostering activities promoting happiness, rejuvenating vitality, and catalysing positive transformations for all individuals.

To become part of our volunteer programs and stay informed about current opportunities, kindly complete the registration form. At “Green Health” Foundation, we warmly welcome individuals from all backgrounds to join us in our mission.

“Green Health” Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit organisation registered in Bulgaria, the European Union with an ID 207295466.

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