We have compiled a collection of events focused on enhancing health and embracing natural lifestyles. Given the recent surge in interest surrounding these subjects, we have carefully selected the events that hold the greatest potential for benefiting our community. It is important to clarify that we have no direct affiliation with the events or their organizers.


International Day of Plant Health

On the 12th of May, the United Nations officially recognizes the International Day of Plant Health, aiming to generate worldwide consciousness regarding the significance of safeguarding plant health. This observance highlights the crucial role of protecting plants in eradicating hunger, alleviating poverty, preserving biodiversity and the environment, and promoting economic progress.

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International Biodiversity Day

The International Day for Biological Diversity, observed on the 22nd of May, has gained worldwide recognition thanks to the joint efforts of the United Nations, governments, indigenous peoples, local communities, non-governmental organizations, and individuals concerned about the environment. Each entity has brought innovative solutions to the forefront of discussions on sustainable development, addressing the critical issue of biodiversity loss. The proposed theme for this year is “From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity,” emphasizing the importance of translating commitments into tangible steps to restore and protect our planet’s biodiversity.

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International Conference on Food, Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle

The primary objective of the International Conference on Food, Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle is to establish a collaborative platform where researchers, scientists, nutritionists, dietitians, medical professionals, and various stakeholders can convene and engage in discussions concerning the latest breakthroughs and research discoveries in the realms of food, nutrition, health, and lifestyle. This conference endeavors to foster cooperation and the exchange of knowledge among participants hailing from diverse backgrounds and regions. Its ultimate aim is to advance our comprehension of the intricate interconnections between food, nutrition, health, and lifestyle factors.

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